Collaborative Projects

The projects in this category are the design results that I have developed as the Project Leader / Project designer in sKY_Associative. Most of the projects are included in “re-inspired” series projects which were coordinated by Prof. Kane Yanagawa and sponsored by the 3D printing leading company CHIMEI | MODEX & Wen Long Arts Foundation.

# 01  


Callar Noir

Project Designer
( 2018. Summer-Fall )

Calla Noir, the decorative floor lamp at nearly 130cm tall, was designed utilizing the various control mechanisms of the 3D printing FDM process to blend the printing material and generate a surface pattern that varies through the changing of the light. Its single-layer printed lampshade expresses the coded computational movements of the machine in the pattern and finish of the printing shell. This design strategy alleviates the "problems" of FDM printed works and changes our perception of this technology from prototyping to finished product.

With the help of new performance materials from Modex 3D filaments and our fabrication partners at Linkin Factory, The project demonstrates the potential for 3D printed results as the final finished product without additional post-processing.

exhibited in 2018 Taiwan Int'l 3D Printing Show, Aug.29-Sept.1; won 2019 A' Design Award & Competition.

︎ 3D Printing Elements
the ABS plastic units printed by large delta 3D printers.

︎The details of Design
Combining with Lighting system 

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