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The results in this category are my achievements in fashion design education. Since 2017, I have designed a series of new types of courses for master students in the Dept. of Fashion Design at Shih Chien University and encouraged those students to develop proposals with the digital design processes as well as digital fabrication methodologies.

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Digital Design and Fabrication Methodologies
in Fashion Design

Adjunct Lecturer
( 2017/2018/2019. Fall-Winter)

Nowadays, the business model of the fashion industry has changed due to fast fashion and a few disruptive innovations such as the whole garment, 3D printing technology, have been profoundly booming in ready-to-wear manufacturing. In response to such a circumstance, fashion design education needs to update through teaching digital design and fabrication processes.

"Digital Design and Fabrication Methodologies in Fashion Design" as the newest type of fashion school course includes lecture and design practice. The session showcased a few related innovative designs from various fields to encourages students to think about how can the digital fabrication process influence their design methods but also taught 3D modeling skills and 3D printing / Laser Cutting knowledge to develop personal projects. Through the integration of design and fabrication processes in 3D modeling Environment, those young designers have proposed various fashion items from accessories to garments and then experience the design power of "direct to fabrication."

Selected Projects

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