Collaborative Projects

The projects in this category are the design results that I have developed as the Project Leader / Project designer in sKY_Associative. Most of the projects are included in “re-inspired” series projects which were coordinated by Prof. Kane Yanagawa and sponsored by the 3D printing leading company CHIMEI | MODEX & Wen Long Arts Foundation.

# 02        



Project Designer
( 2018. Summer-Fall )

The motif of the design lighting piece ,Twirls , exemplifies this new translation process in FDM printing, expanding on "layer by layer" additive method to enable a higher degree of control to the finished surface texture and color transition by the designer. By focusing on the design process and the translation of computational data into material effect, this project experimented with the effects of seam parameterization, machine speed control, and gradient extrusion. The resulting single-layer printed lampshades are thus able to present elegant patterns and variations in texture and color under conventional backlighting.

Twirls not only demonstrates the unique aesthetics of the 3D printing process, but also the potential for FDM printed results to achieve the level of finish and expression found in conventionally manufactured products today. Additionally, this achievement alludes to the chance for a new generation of designers to embrace materiality through computation and manufacturing.

exhibited in 2018 Taiwan Design Expro
, Aug.15-17. 

︎ Testing the Gradient Effect
Collaborating with industrial partners to building up a gradient printing system.
︎Materialization of Digital
Translating of printing parameters into material effect through the program of G-code. 
︎Demonstrating Design Process
Velocity printing surface patterns on the delta printer in PING product launch.

︎The Pattern on Lampshades
Testing the lighting effect of Velocity printing surface patterns.

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