Research Projects

The practices in this category include my research derivatives and prototypes of research projects which collaborative with research institutes and agencies. In those practices, I  focused on developing smart manufacturing from the existing processes through digital tools as well as proposing the material-based designs.

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Project Designer
+ Researcher

( 2015. Spring-Fall )

In re-Inflate , I investigated the translation and transformation of digitally captured data to design form and the emergent characteristics of the spray forming fabrication process. In the spray forming process, a specially designed spray head is used to deposit semi-liquid polypropylene fibers onto the various molds. The final sprayed 3D printing part inherits not only the form and shape of the original mold but characteristics of the sprayed material fabrication process such as its translucent textile/fiber-like quality and the swollen blisters which become essential elements of the final design.

Through this experimentation and research, this project is informed by this process on multiple scales of application from interior building finish to overall formal expression.

shortlisted in international wearable competition RESHAPE 15 and Idustrial Design Award INDUSTART

The new approach of spray forming process: re-INFLATE

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