Collaborative Projects

The projects in this category are the design results that I have developed as the Project Leader / Project designer in sKY_Associative. Most of the projects are included in “re-inspired” series projects which were coordinated by Prof. Kane Yanagawa and sponsored by the 3D printing leading company CHIMEI | MODEX & Wen Long Arts Foundation.

# 03



Interior Decoration

Project Designer
( 2017. Summer-Fall )

Hexapod is a computationally defined wall lighting system derived from subdivided mesh geometry, and 3D printed demonstrating it’s direct to fabrication potential. The proposed installation is the product of the integration of both additive and subtractive manufacturing processes. While additive manufacturing and 3D printed solutions are not commonly found in final design products, the project utilizes Modex ABS 3D printing filaments, which offer excellent post-processing potential. For the bench and wall surfaces CNC milled panels made of composite layers of the Valchromat engineered colored MDF board were selected for their smooth milling finishes and colors. The addition of color layers, patterning, and milled geometry results in the emergent expression of the subtractive design method.“Hexapod ” brings the design to a new level of maturity through the rationalization of geometry and greater consideration of materials and finish.

exhibited in 2017 Taiwan Design Expro, Sept.30-Oct.15. 

︎ 3D Printing Elements
4 ABS plastic units can be assembled more than 10 results.

︎Build the Lighting System
Integrating screws, fixed components, aluminum extrusions, wires into limited space of 3D printed parts. 

︎ The Combination of Additive and Subtractive Methodologies
Testing the lighting system of the Hexapod design on CNC milled Valchromat colored MDF.

︎ 2017 Taiwan Design Expro
Demonstrating the design prototype in “ Taiwan Design Expro: Bewin Ocean” exhibition. 

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