Collaborative Projects

The projects in this category are the design results that I have developed as the Project Leader / Project designer in sKY_Associative. Most of the projects are included in “re-inspired” series projects which were coordinated by Prof. Kane Yanagawa and sponsored by the 3D printing leading company CHIMEI | MODEX & Wen Long Arts Foundation.

# 05    



Lead Designer
( 2014. Summer-Fall )

The Vector Series, the bench and lamp installation, combines existing manufactured components and custom digitally fabricated elements by using math-based field vector algorithms. The relationship between the bench and lamp came about through the desire to reconsider the heat forming fabrication process of the lamp, and play off the idea of reuse and re-appropriation. Moreover, the lamp utilizes interactive lighting components developed by Philips to create a responsive environment that alters the ambiance of the installation space. The combination of existing manufactured components and custom digitally fabricated elements illustrates the significance of collaboration between industry and design.

As part of the Global Dialogue: Tainan x Dutch Design exhibition, the part and mold bring to mind thoughts of process, history, and memory, which are built into the parametric design tool in which the project was developed.

︎Insert Photoresistor
Installation of proximity sensors for interactive control of PHILIPS Hue light settings.

︎Assemble CNC Layer by Layer
Final assembly of the CNC plywood bench parts.

︎ Vector Lamp Fabrication Process
Forming acrylic tubes on the mold and testing the lighting system.

︎Testing Lighting Effect

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